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FAQ for Apanah


1. What is the JD APANAH marketplace?
JD APANAH is a Hindu boutique that offers a range of products inspired by Hindu culture, spirituality, and traditions. The boutique provides various items such as clothing, accessories, and spiritual artifacts that cater to individuals interested in Hinduism or looking to incorporate Hindu elements into their lifestyle. The products offered by JD APANAH include apparel with Hindu symbols, deity images, and meaningful Hindu quotes, as well as decorative items for altars or sacred spaces.

2. Why HINDU Boutique? Why not Secular?
By focusing on Hinduism, JD APANAH aims to provide a dedicated space where individuals who identify with or have an interest in Hindu culture and spirituality can find products that resonate with their beliefs and values. This includes individuals who practice Hinduism, have an affinity for Hindu philosophy, or simply appreciate the aesthetics and symbolism associated with Hindu traditions. Creating a niche boutique centered around a Sanatan Dharma allows for a more focused and tailored shopping experience. It also helps to foster a sense of community and connection among customers who share similar interests and beliefs.

3. Why Start a Business in the Name of Religion?
Just as Muslims look for Halal-certified products and Christians seek out items that reflect their faith, it is increasingly crucial for Hindus to embrace products that promote their rich cultural heritage. By consciously choosing and supporting products that celebrate Hindu traditions, symbols, and values, Hindus can strengthen their cultural identity and contribute to a flourishing marketplace that caters to their unique needs. Supporting businesses that focus on Hindu-inspired products can also contribute to the growth of such enterprises, creating opportunities for artisans, designers, and entrepreneurs who specialize in creating these unique offerings. It will also help to build a stronger ecosystem for Hindu-centric businesses.


1. What is your Returns Policy?
Please refer to our detailed Returns Policy page for complete information.

2. What should I do if I had an issue with my payment while placing an order?
For any payment-related issues, please refer to our Payments Information page.

3. How do I track my order?
To track your order, please visit our Delivery Information page for detailed instructions.


1. What is the quality of fabric used?
We use high-quality 100% cotton fabric that is soft to feel and comfortable to wear. Any shrinkage will be within acceptable industry norms.

2. What kind of printing is used?
We use high-quality Bio printing for all our designs.

3. What sizes do you have?
Our sizes range from S to XL. Please refer to the size chart on each product page to determine the perfect fit for you.

4. What are the washing instructions for JD APANAH T-Shirts?
To ensure the durability of our T-shirts, we recommend hand washing them inside-out in cold water. If machine washing, wash inside-out in cold water on gentle/normal cycles. Do not iron the print, bleach, or tumble dry at high temperatures.


1. Can I avail any Discounts?
We offer discounts and sales regularly, which are announced on our Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram pages. We would also provide exclusive discounts to our newsletter subscribers soon. You can subscribe by entering your email address at the bottom of our website. Additionally, we distribute coupons to our
customers from time to time, which can be redeemed by entering the coupon code
on the Shopping Cart page before checking out.


1. What information does JD APANAH store?
We prioritize your privacy and only collect necessary information, including your name, email, contact number, and billing address. This information is solely used for internal record-keeping and order delivery purposes. We do not share it with any third party except our courier/delivery partners. JD APANAH does not store any credit/debit card or bank account information. All such information is handled securely by our certified online payment gateway partners, CCAvenue and PayU.


1. Can I submit designs?
Absolutely! We encourage design submissions from talented individuals. If you have an original design you’d like to share, please send it to
contact@thejaipurdialogues.com, and we will review it. Designs should be original and not sourced from the internet.

2. How are designs selected for printing?
The final decision to select designs for printing rests with us, if we like your design, we’ll contact you and use it for our merch.